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Individual, team and leadership coaching
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Enneagram coaching is a powerful way to take your professional, leadership and self-development journey to the next level. It helps you get to the heart of who you are and what you have to offer, so that you can become your very best self. I know of no better tool to support you on your journey.  

The Enneagram is a leading-edge personality typology that brings into laser-sharp focus your unique strengths, and exposes your blindspots that keep you from becoming your best self.

By opening up your awareness to your unconscious motivations and automatic habits, Enneagram coaching provides a pathway forward to increasing self-awareness, enhancing leadership skills, and improving team dynamics and collaboration. It’s the best way to invest in yourself, your leaders and your team. 

Become your best self

I work with individuals, leaders and teams, using the Enneagram as a tool to foster increased self-awareness, empathy, meaningful work, and the capacity for healthier relationships.

Enneagram Coaching Builds:

  • Conscious Leaders
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Self-Aware Individuals
  • Effective Communicators
  • High-Performing Teams

Enneagram is the best personal growth and leadership development tool I know. It seemed to understand me better than I understand myself.  It made me laugh at my foibles, helped me appreciate my strengths, offered me insights into who I am at my best, named my ‘shadows’ and above all gave me ‘tools of hope’  to flourish more fully as a person and as a leader.” ~ Chris Clarke, Former CEO of World Vision

coaching sessions

Enneagram typing and coaching sessions are a dynamic way to understand yourself and others better, develop your strengths, enhance your emotional intelligence, sharpen your leadership, and strengthen your communication skills. I work with individuals, leaders and teams to help you become the best you can be.  

Enneagram Typing Session – 1 hour

Discover your enneagram type with a one-on one-session.

It’s essential to know your true type. It’s only when you do that the Enneagram comes into its own as a profound tool, providing a specific road map for uncovering your strengths, blindspots and key areas of development.

Free online Enneagram tests are a great place to start, but often don’t nail your type for you. The most well-regarded online tests are only 70% accurate at best. A one-on-one typing interview is the most effective way to get a personalised picture of your Enneagram type; something that an online Enneagram test cannot deliver.

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A typing interview comprises a one-hour session, where I will ask you a wide range of questions about your personality, how you respond in various circumstances, and how you relate to the others.

At the end of the session I will talk through an overview of your type, outlining your specific strengths and gifts, plus the common blindspots and challenges. I’ll give you tips for development and suggestions for growth.

A follow-up coaching session, where we take a deeper dive into your type, is a great way to consolidate your learning and provide you with a more detailed picture of your type, and further development areas to address.

The session can be conducted in person, at a cafe or workplace, or over zoom.


Enneagram Coaching Session – 1 hour

One-On-One sessions focusing on your specific growth edge

Enneagram coaching is a powerful way to take your professional, leadership, and self-development journey to the next level.

Self-awareness is key to becoming your best self. Exploring your strengths, challenges and blindspots will fast track your growth; increasing your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication skills, leadership skills, and your ability to understand and relate to others.

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In this one hour session we will look at key development areas for your type. We will explore how to access and capitalise on your strengths, as well as addressing the common blindspots and challenges for your type.

One session alone gives you a great foundation in understanding your type, and follow up sessions are a great way to expand your learning and growth, addressing areas such as communcation style, handling stress and conflict, relating to others, and leading well. 

These sessions can take place in person (at your workplace or a cafe), or over zoom.

If you’d like to talk about workplace or team coaching, please get in touch to discuss what you are after, so I can tailor a package to suit.

Coaching sessions are currently fully booked

“Rachel is wise and knowledgeable – it’s like she was born to coach the Enneagram, and her passion for using a great tool to get a job done well is contagious. It’s a joy to work with her.” ~ Petra Bagust, Broadcaster

Workplace wellness

Healthy and high-performing teams depend largely on people understanding themselves and each other well. When this happens, both individuals and teams thrive. The Enneagram provides the tools, language and framework to get you there.

It’s the best way to invest in your team. 

Building strong leaders

The most effective leaders lead from a place of genuine self-awareness. Enneagram coaching provides a clear pathway to unlock tools and skills to become the best leader you can be. 

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.” ~ Warren Bennis, Author, Scholar and Leadership Expert

What's team coaching?

Enneagram team coaching is a powerful way to build your best team. Healthy and high-performing teams depend largely on people understanding themselves and each other well. When this happens, both individuals and teams thrive. The Enneagram provides the tools, language and framework to get you there.

Client Feedback From Enneagram Coaching Sessions 

Enneagram coaching is profound!

Through insightful questions, thoughtful observations, and passionate knowledge of Enneagram, Rachel enabled me to discover new depths of living authentically and successfully in my type.


People and Culture Manager

Rachel is a compelling communicator who explains Enneagram wisdom with clarity and insight. She is non-judgmental and entirely invested in seeing others flourish and thrive using this tool. She has a unique ability to connect with her audience whether it be one on one or in a group setting, championing her clients on to be the best version of themselves!


Coaching Client

I would highly recommend a coaching session with Rachel – I had a joint one with a fellow Enneagram 9 colleague and I loved the dynamic that was created as we fed ideas off each other. Rachel made sure to address both our unique experiences and concerns. I liked the positive focus of the content, and Rachel’s clear, kind communication. 


Marketing Consultant

Are you ready to build your best team with the Enneagram?