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Enneagram workshops for individuals and teams
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Types of Workshops

I run a range of workshops, from introductory sessions through to day-long intensives. I also create custom workshops for your team or group. I’d love you to join me!

Live Workshops

Full-Day and Evening Workshops

Full-Day: get an in-depth understanding of the Enneagram. Take a deep dive into your type, addressing your specific strengths, blindspots, and key areas to focus on for transformational change.

Evening Workshops: build on your understanding, with topics ranging from Introduction to the Enneagram through to the Enneagram and Mindfulness, Conscious Leadership, and more. 

If you’d like me to present a workshop to your group, I’d love to hear from you – contact me and we can talk details. 


Intro, Subtypes, Wings & Arrows and More

I’ll be rolling out some of my in-person workshops as webinars soon.

These will cover everything from Enneagram Introductions, through to Leadership Development, Subtypes, Centres of Intelligence, Enneagram & Mindfulness, and more.

Get all the great content, a chance to ask questions and hear from others, all from the comfort of your living room.

Custom Team Workshops

Bespoke workshops for your workplace

Healthy and high-performing teams rely on people understanding themselves and each other well. When this happens, both individuals and teams thrive.

Enneagram team coaching provides the tools and framework to get you there. It will build stronger teams, increase collaboration, and empower individuals to increased levels of self-mastery, enhanced leadership skills, and improved team dynamics. It’s the best way to invest in your team.

If you’d like to get a group together for a custom workshop, contact me and we can talk details. 

Praise for our sessions and
workshop events

Rachel’s clear, concise and thorough knowledge of the Enneagram shone through during our team workshop. We covered a lot of fascinating ground without being overwhelmed, and our team is already ‘speaking the language’ – using insights from Enneagram in our daily interactions that has brought powerful change.


Workplace Team Workshop

Brilliant workshop. Rachel was super engaging, and I learnt loads about the Enneagram. Came away excited to learn more, and gain a deeper understanding of how I show up in my type.

Definitely the best way to get a good grounding in the Enneagram. 


Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop

Rachel is a compelling communicator who explains Enneagram wisdom with clarity and insight. She is non-judgmental and entirely invested in seeing others flourish and thrive using this tool. She has a unique ability to connect with her audience whether it be one on one or in a group setting, championing her clients on to be the best version of themselves!


Enneagram Group Workshop